For a few years I’m a Member of the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association). An organization with the best journalistic/documentary wedding photographers worldwide.

For one of the photo contests of the W | PJ (Wedding Photojournalist Association) the 2018 contest v15, I’ve submitted few photos. In contrast to previous years, the rules have changed. There is no more a top 20 and photo’s are only awarded if the photo is selected by multipel jury members. Recently I was tagged in an Instagrampost, and I noticed that one of the photos was rewarded with a Masterpiece Award.

The award winning photo was taken during the Yes-I-Do! reportage of Marga and Cees. The bridesmaid had made a tent of the wedding dress during the reception, super cute.

I’ve had the most trouble deciding to submit this photo in color or in black/white.  A tough cookie. I have finally chosen to the color version.

Why I am so happy: a W | PJ Masterpiece Award recognises exceptional wedding photojournalism. The nice thing about this contest is that this is an international contest. Weddingphotographers from all over the world submit their best pictures. Only the best photos worldwide are rewarded with an award. Winning such an award is so special. Which makes me very happy! I’ve won a total of 8 Awards in various contest of the W|PJ.